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How Adoption Works

Dogs Make Our Lives Whole.

How Adoption Works


Whether it’s a ball-chasing dog or a cuddly senior dog , RROC is bound to have the perfect Retriever for you. Finding the right person is something we take very seriously as we want the dogs that we rescue to find their forever home with you.

Familiarize yourself with our organization’s adoption policies with regard to adoption and complete the online adoption application.

step2Participate in a brief phone interview where our volunteers have the opportunity to learn more about you so that we can match you with the best available dog.
step3A home visitor volunteer will stop by your home to meet with you and your entire family to evaluate the safety of the environment for and suitability for an RROC dog.
step4Your application, phone interview notes, and home visit notes gets passed along to the volunteer Matchers. The Matchers have years and years of experience in connecting the right dog with the right family.
step5We notify you when a specific dog has been matched for you and arrange a meeting between you and the foster parent and assuming it is a perfect fit and love at first site, you have a new family member.

*All potential adopters must complete each step in the above adoption process.

Adoption Costs

Fees include *spay or neuter, microchipping and all age-appropriate vaccinations.

Adoption Fees as of July 1, 2021.  Veterinary costs are increasing and as a result our fees for adoption are increasing as well to cover a portion of those incurred costs with each dog we save.

Puppies 8 months and younger $400  

Adults 9 months to 7 years $350

Seniors 8 years and older $125



*RROC Spay & Neuter Policy:
Retriever Rescue of Colorado exists because there is a surplus of homeless dogs.  For this reason, we are strong advocates of spaying and neutering all dogs.  All dogs adopted from us either have been or must be spayed or neutered.  RROC requires that all puppies adopted from us be spayed or neutered .  We recognize that some adopters prefer to delay altering their dogs and want to make very clear that we strictly adhere to these time frames.  Absent grave medical concerns for the individual puppy at issue, we will not grant delays.

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