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Volunteer Information

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Volunteer Information

We Are A Volunteer Organization and We Need Your Help

Think of RROC as a middle agent for our retrievers where our adoptables arrive, they are immediately placed in foster care and it is a series of collective efforts by our volunteers to get our dogs adopted out!

In between, there is much more “people-oriented” work than actual up close and “personal with the dogs” work. In many cases we will have volunteers come to us with an array of experiences from other shelters and volunteer work. Many inquiries come on the possibility of walking, exercising and socializing dogs. We commend any type of of energy that goes into the well-being of the animals, however, a series of RROC’s specific tasks fall under the auspices of event coordinating, applicant screening of potential adopters through phone interviews, home visits, animal transport, fundraising and much more!

How RROC is unique

While we welcome volunteers in all areas of interest, we want to make sure your time is utilized as efficiently as possible. We receive around 10 adoption applications per day and attempt to respond to all as soon as possible. Although we are a rescue with many of the same goals as other rescues you may be familiar with, our structure is very unique. Each of our amazing rescue dogs are placed immediately in the capable hands of our foster volunteers. With this in mind, please note that we are not a shelter.

Types of Volunteers Needed


Transportation volunteers are often the first human points of contact a rescued dog has after being in a shelter or being surrendered. A rescued dog can start to blossom in a matter of minutes at the meeting site with just a kind word, a soft pat, a drink of water, a brief walk. This happens because we have volunteers who step up at a moment’s notice to help save the life of one more dog. This also offers the opportunity to meet fellow volunteers face to face at the meeting site, the foster home, or the transfer location.

Transportation is not limited to taking rescued souls from the meeting sites to foster homes. Rescue agents in transportation also take dogs to and from vet appointments, as well as to deliver food and other supplies . Transportation agents basically transport whatever is relevant to saving a dog, including the dog, from point A to point B.

Phone Interviewer

Phone Interviewers are the first volunteers to make contact with potential applicants and are crucial to making sure applicants stay engaged in RROC’s unique and successful adoption process. Phone interview volunteers verify applicant information, clarify what type of dog the applicant is looking for, and make sure applicants understand RROC’s regulations. Phone Interviewers also look out for anything odd or concerning about applicants and pass these impressions onto the Phone Interview Coordinator.

The Phone Interviewer position is fun, easy, quick, and our first opportunity to determine if the potential applicant will provide a loving, lifetime home for our dogs. This position is perfect for an volunteer who wants to contribute crucially to connecting rescue dogs with loving homes, but may be limited in ability to travel.

Home Visits

Once the applicant has made it through the phone interview, the home visit volunteer contacts the applicant to schedule a time to meet with all of the family members at their home. The volunteer inspects the fence, the yard, garage and the rooms of the house where the dog will be. The volunteer is looking for hazards or concerns in an effort to ensure that the dog will be safe with their new family. Additionally, the volunteer has a chance to review the information from the phone interview to confirm the type of dog, personality, energy level and age that the family will qualify for and address any questions the applicant has. Volunteers can select the home visits they would like to conduct based on geographic area and their schedule.

*****Currently conducting virtual visits only so these can be done from the comfort of your home!*****

Newsletter Design / Writing / Website / Photography

These areas help spread the word for Retriever Rescue of Colorado and for the dogs we save every year.  RROC is currently looking for a coordinator to organize photography efforts and a volunteer to take on the task of starting a new newsletter plan to send out to our volunteers, adopters and supporters.



This role saves dogs for  Retriever Rescue of Colorado..  RROC covers necessary veterinary care, food and provides a crate.  You provide safety and love.  Please visit our foster page to learn more.