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Dog Day Care & Sitting


The principle of Doggie Daycare is simple. It provides a safe, fun and healthy atmosphere along with both human and other canine interaction.
Because of the lack of sufficient exercise and mental stimulation, dogs left at home during the day may experience separation anxiety or develop undesirable behaviors such as excessive barking or destructive tendencies.

At daycare, dogs participate in group play, hang out with humans, or just lounge around. Day care provides a healthy option to crating 8 hours a day or leaving your dog alone. It helps:
• Keeps your dog active and healthy
• Provides important socialization
• Provides mental stimulation
• Reduces stress levels from isolation
• Builds your dog’s confidence
• Improves their ability to communicate and interact.

Dogs of all ages and sizes can use doggie daycare as long as their vaccinations are current and they have been spayed or neutered (if over 6 months of age). Aggressive pets are usually not allowed to participate to ensure the safest possible environment for all of the dogs.

You can bring your dog(s) to daycare 5-7 days a week, or only occasionally to give your dog a special treat and change of pace.

Dog Daycare is good for you and your pet. Rather than coming home to find 9 hours of pent-up canine energy awaiting you, your dog is happy, relaxed and tired.


If work or travel keep you away from your dog, you might want to consider the services of a professional petsitter. In-home pet-care solution is a relief to most owners who do not want to impose on family, friends or neighbors. There are also extra services offered, such as crime-deterrent measures, watering plants, bringing in the mail, etc.

The benefits of in-home pet care are:

• Pets are happier and experience less stress at home in his/her safe, secure environment
• Being surrounded by familiar sights, smells and sounds
• Diet and exercise routines are uninterrupted
• Medical treatment can be maintained and uninterrruped
• Travel trauma for both owner and pet is eliminated
• Pet’s exposure to illness is minimized
• In-home professional pet care provides added peace of mind
• You can call in daily to check on your pet
• Many petsitters are licensed, bonded and insured

Before you leave make sure the following guidelines are followed:

• Call ahead for your petsitting reservations, especially during the holidays
• Give the sitter your pet’s history and habits
• Leave everything needed for the care of your pet in one location and write detailed instructions
• If there are rooms that are off-limit to the dog, make sure the sitter knows this
• Make sure the pet sitter has the name and number of a neighbor
• Leave a list of numbers such as vet, plumber, maid service or other services you may have done weekly, in case of emergency
• Make sure the sitter knows where there are cleaning supplies such as mop, broom, trash bags, vacuum, etc.
• Familiarize the sitter with where the fuse box is and where to find new fuses
• Pet proof the home, don’t leave anything out that might be harmful
• Leave your itinerary and contact information with the sitter

Remember, not all petsitters are created equal, nor are they all professional. The sitter will have a responsibility for both your pet and your home, so you should give the selection of your petsitter serious consideration. When you hire a professional petsitter, make sure you take the time for an interview and have all your questions ready. The services offered and fees charged can vary widely. You should find out whether the petsitter is bonded, has commercial liability insurance coverage, and is willing to provide references. Ask for documented proof of these and take the time to check references. Also, it will be important to see how the professional interacts with your pet.