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Hi!!I'm Didi!!!

Female, lab mix, 2 years old

Didi – Sex: F Age: 2 years old

She is a two year old yellow lab mix.

Well, well, well!  I was wondering when you’d get to my bio and photos!  I’m the fabulous Didi!  I’m two years old and I’m a happy, confident, silly girl.  Yes, I prefer to be the only dog in the home.  You see, I recognize that I’m special enough that I don’t need any competition for affection or treats.  Since you clearly recognize perfection when you see it, I’m sure you agree.  I’m house trained and love, love, love people.  Know what I’m looking for in a new home?  Someone I can adore and please and provide lots of attention.  I know people do better when they have a loyal friend like me and I’m prepared to give my all to making my people the happiest and healthiest I can.  All this and a beautiful appearance, too?  Hey, I’m the whole package!

Didi may be considered for a no fence home.

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