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Hi, I'm Kelty!!!

Yellow lab mix, female, 9 years old

Kelty – Sex: F Age: 9 years old


Greetings!  I am Kelty, although the people who do my bidding here say I’m a princess.  They tell me I’m a Lab mix, but I think that just means I’m of royal blood, don’t you?  There’s a piece of furniture they refer to as a loveseat but we all know it’s my throne.  I’m not hung up on my lineage anyway as I am a friendly and gentle girl.  I get along beautifully with dogs, cats, and people of all sizes.  I’m 9 to 10 years old and am over all of that puppy silliness. I do expect my fair share of Nylabones and other delectable doggie treats.  I’m not a big fan of lightning or thunder and do ask that my escorts accompany outside during those episodes but I don’t think that’s too much to ask, do you?  I have a very endearing howl sound I make to get my people to hasten my feeding.  Barking is just beneath my station in life.  If you are in the mood for living with someone who combines the best that royalty and sweet dogwood can offer, please make an appointment to visit me.

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