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Lamborghini Sex: M Age: 4-5 yrs

Lookin for your exercise buddy? Look no further! Lamborghini is a sweet, well behaved dog while indoors and loves to lounge. When you want your exercise buddy, just grab the leash, or ask him if he’d like to go for a walk and he is ready for a walk, run, hike or to go on any outing you’re willing to take him on. He has been abandoned a few times in his short life so he will require some patience with his anxiety, but surely will improve with stability and someone ready to earn his trust. He knows some basic commands, is quickly learning to pace himself with his walker/runners pace and not pull, goes in his kennel when asked and is even working on “wait” for road crossing and going downstairs at your side! When unsure of himself or a situation, he looks to his caregiver for guidance on how to proceed. What else can you teach this quick learning, loyal boy? He enjoys meeting other dogs and is dog friendly, but he is mostly concerned with being your best friend! This boy even loves both men and women instantly

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