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Macaroon Sex: F Age: 9 years

Macaroon is a 9-year old Chocolate mix. Despite her Senior status, Macaroon acts considerably younger than her 9 years. 

Macaroon is just an incredible dog! She adores her foster family, is properly polite, a loyal companion to her people, and completely house-trained.

Macaroon had a very loving family. When both her owners moved to a memory care facility, their family members took turns caring for Macaroon in her own home. They felt Macaroon deserved to have a loving “forever” home in her twilight years, and made the heart-wrenching decision to bring her to our Rescue. 

Macaroon’s family had a goodbye party for her, where a series of kids and grandkids came over to say goodbye and wish her well.  Many tears were shed. This girl was loved.  

She did not live with another dog.  She did, however, have visiting dogs when family members brought them to her home.

She is rather hefty, but is amazingly active. 

This girl is going to charm the socks off of some lucky adopter!  She is friendly, happy, and active, without being hyper.

She is loyal and absolutely adorable.  Won’t you give this girl a chance?

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