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I'm an adorable pup!

Maura Age: 7 months Sex: F

No need to be intimidated by me.  Sure, I’m a genius but I’m also good just being a dog.  I pick up commands, rules, and wishes faster than anyone out there.  I’d blow the top off of any doggie IQ test.  I do calculus in my head for fun.  Don’t forget that I’m a seven month old puppy and I want to do everything that my typical puppies do, too.  I wrestle with other dogs, admire the cats and let them boss me around, and just melt when I see kids.  Of course I’m house trained and crate trained.  Now, here’s a confession.  I love chasing the ball.  Bring out a tennis ball and I’m in heaven.  But I’m not very coordinated yet in my seven month old body.  I jump for the ball and people laugh because I don’t have my timing down yet.  I’ll get that figured out before you know it.  Oh, and I suppose you want to know that my mama is a purebred yellow Lab while my father’s genetic contribution is not as clear.  I’m already about fifty pounds and I’m longer than I am tall.  I have eyes that pull people in, especially those who recognize pure genius!

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