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Hi!!! I'm Rembrandt!!!

sweetest golden retriever ever!!! male

Rembrandt – Sex: M Age: 15 years young

What were you doing in 2002?  Maybe getting excited about the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City or watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?  We have a very special dog who was a youngster back in 2002.  Rembrandt is a purebred Golden Retriever who has gone through a lot in his long life but has somehow kept his puppy outlook on life!  Rembrandt was left in his yard when his house was sold, not once but two times!  He sailed through cancer treatment!  He has had to readjust time and time again but he always comes out wagging.  Rembrandt is great with other dogs, with cats, and with people of all ages.  He’s house trained and dependable left loose in the house.  Rembrandt is pretty irresistible and people tend to just grin in his presence.  We’re looking for a great home for the remainder of Rembrandt’s days!

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