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Hi!!I'm Ruffles!!!

female lab mix, 12 years old

Ruffles – Sex: F Age: 12 years young

Ruffles video:


Greetings!  I’m Ruffles and I understand I’m supposed to tell you a bit about myself.  I’m an active senior and I’m very glad I ended up in rescue as opposed to the scary alternative I heard being discussed for me.  Do you know that when I got to my foster home, there were uninvited squirrels regularly invading the yard and a rude dog barking trash talk in the neighboring home without anyone doing anything about it?  These dogs living here are nice but I think they might have some issues because they spend their days chasing balls instead of addressing these obvious problems.  It didn’t take me long to let the squirrels know who is boss and to alert that ill-behaved dog that uncivilized behavior does not reflect well on dogs everywhere.    Life is so much better for everyone now, but I do have to stay on my guard to make sure nobody slips back into complacency.  I may be an older dog but I have plenty of energy and am proud to do my duty.  My other interests include curling up under tables, getting hugs, admiring cats, and playing with puppies.  I’d be very pleased to meet you whenever our busy schedules permit.   

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