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Hi I'm Ticondaroga!

I Love toys, dogs and play. I love sitting in your lap and soaking up affection.

Ticondaroga Age: 8-9 months Sex: M

Howdy!  I’m Tyke!  I’m 7 to 8 months old and life sure has improved since I was a youngster.  When I was just a little fellow, my guardian left my two buddies and me in a hot car all day.  Boy, did the vet give him a talking to when he brought us into the clinic!  All of us survived and my pals went to other rescue groups while I got to come here.  I’ve come so far since then and am still making great strides.  Now you know my past so I’ll tell you about my present.  I’m smaller than some of my buddies.  People laugh because one of my best friends outweighs me by 70 pounds or so!  Big or small, I like dogs.  I prefer to take a little time to get to know them and then I love them.  Actually, I’m like that with people, too.  Some folks think I’m not as friendly as I really am because I tend to bark a bit when new people or new dogs first approach me.  That’s just my style.  I like to get the lay of the land before I commit.  Once I’ve met someone, person or dog, a couple of times, I’m the friendliest pup around!  I’m house trained and crate trained and am loving life.  So what will my future be?  You have the power to make it sheer perfection!

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