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Hi! We are Walton & Pensacola!!!

6 month old yellow lab mix puppies, female and male

Walton – Sex: M Age: 6 months old

Yellow lab mix, 6 months old and looking for his forever home.  One boy-Walton.

A bone for me?  Just what I was hoping you’d bring!  I’m Walton.  I’m about eight months old and I’m a Lab mix.  I’m happy and friendly and very smart.  I love playing with other dogs and am really hoping for a doggie buddy in my permanent home.  Whenever the others in my foster home are not in the mood for play, I get them to change their minds by lying on my back and making silly woo woo sounds that they just can’t resist.  My foster mom says I’m affectionate without being needy like some other dogs she knows.  I love to learn and pick up new commands easily.  I’d be a star dog in obedience classes, especially since I know the basics already.  I’m even good on a leash, something not a lot of pups my age can say.  Besides bones of all types, I enjoy a variety of toys.  My current favorite soft toy embarrasses my foster mom because it has lost so many limbs and pieces that it’s just a nondescript blob.  I see its beauty even if she can’t.  Want a smart addition to your home?  Let’s meet so you can see for yourself what a prize I am!

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Walton & Pensacola